(Prices subject to change without notice)

Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering

(Studio time is by Appointment Only, contact dluz@themaestrosmusic.com or 347-470-3589)

$35/hr (12pm-12am)

$40/hr (12am-12pm)


Block: $300 for 10 hours paid upfront (days can be split up)

(+$5/hr 12am-12pm)


Missed Appointment: $5

Appointments not accepted after three missed appointments.


Professional Analog Mastering (NYC Studio): $100 per song


Send stems or Project to another studio: $15


Beats & Musical Compositions


Stocked Beats (on http://themaestrosbeats.beatstars.com)

Leasing mp3 $25  wav $35

Exclusive  $350


Custom Exclusive Beat or Composition inlcuding Vocals [Full Production]
(Includes up to 10 hours of studio time production, $50/hr afterward)

$500  (+25% Publishing Agreement)*  

$1,000  (+15% Publishing Agreement)*   <— MOST POPULAR DEAL!

$1,500 (10% Publishing Agreement)*

 $3,000 (5% Publishing Agreement)*


*additional details may be included in the agreement