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Below are listed the terms and conditions when working with The Maestro’s Music whether in person or online or by phone.

When requesting any service from The Maestro’s Music it will be assumed that you read and understand these terms and conditions on themaestrosmusic.com, the company website.  The Maestro’s Music reserves the right to reject business or reschedule as it’s workers feel convenient. The Maestro’s Music does not discriminate against race or religious beliefs.  The studio hours availability vary on a daily basis until further notice. Time may only be reserved in advanced, Walk-In’s not welcomed. It is the client’s responsibility to request certain filetypes or session files desired.  An mp3 will be sent by email to the client from themaestrosmusic@gmail.com or an audio CD will be provided in person when finished with the work by default. Client session files are deleted within one year of the work. Copying or sending requested files will be charged on an hourly rate basis.

Hourly Rate Services:

The client’s time starts when the studio equipment is ready to work, which is at the time booked unless there is a technical difficulty or if the studio is currently in use.

The engineer will be keeping track of time, the client may also keep track of time for confirmation.

The prices for hourly rate services may vary without notice, please confirm the rate when reserving your studio time.

The prices for hourly rate services may vary depending on the studio you would like to work in or if an additional feature is outsourced.

Clients may work on their projects on an hourly basis until satisfied.  Satisfaction is not guaranteed on an hourly rate basis if the client does not spend sufficient studio time to work on his/her project.  No additional edits, mixdowns or bounces will be made once the client’s last paid for hour has finished. There is a half hour charge for small revisions after the client has finished if an additional bounce is requested.

If the client has arrived to the Studio late and there is another client in line for the next hour, the first client who was late must reschedule.

Flat Rate Services:

Flat rate services include whatever is detailed in the description of the particular product.

These flat rate services include a limited number of hours available for each project, which is detailed on the website per the service.  Flat rate services also includes a limited number of revisions.

Flat rate services may include partial services such as Vocal Recording or Composition, but does not include complete Editing, Mixing and Mastering unless specified.

Flat rate services may also include complete full production services that include complete Editing, Mixing and Mastering.

There may be additional charges if the company must outsource for a requested feature.

Flat rate services are listed on the website.  Custom flat rate service prices for a combination of services not shown on the website may be requested or suggested.

Turn around times vary for Flat rate services, confirm the turn around time needed before ordering.  Flat rate services may be paid 100% upfront or 50% upfront and the remainder of the payment must be completed when the client is satisfied with the work.

The client will receive a low quality preview of the work until full payment is received unless the client visits the studio in person to listen to the work in full quality.


Exclusive custom Instrumental compositions made in any genre worldwide require a split sheet agreement.

No refunds are allowed unless the client has not received his work or if the work is completely unusable due to distortion that cannot be fixed in the audio.  If a client’s work is deemed completely unusable due to an error caused by the The Maestro’s Music, we will first try to fix the error, and if it cannot be fixed the maximum refund will be 50% of the amount paid.

If a client damages a piece of equipment in the studio, the client may be charged 50% of the value of the equipment in question.  If a client is physically hurt while working with or on the property of The Maestro’s Music, the client will take care of his or her own medical bills and will not hold The Maestro’s Music or any of it’s workers or owners responsible.

The Maestro’s Music may save your name and contact information in order to keep track of sales and let you know about special deals available in the future, but will never share or sell your personal information.